WSUS on Windows Server 2012 Core from scratch

Core is always the way to do it.


I don’t know anything about WSUS as I’m more a ConfigMgr guy but I wanted to evaluate a few things about WSUS a.k.a Update Services on Windows Server 2012:

  • Can it run on a Core version?
  • Can it be managed on Core version?

The short answer is YES, it can run on a Core version as it’s a built-in role. YES, it can be managed on Core version but you should rather stick to Microsoft piece of advice “install it on core, manage it from a Windows 8 box with RSAT” (Remote Server Administration Tools). If you don’t have a Windows 8, you can also switch the server to the Minimal shell configuration that will allow you to launch MMC based snap-ins.

So here’s my scenario. I want to build a VM running a Core version of Windows server 2012, install Updates Services, configure it and push updates…

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