ESXi5.5u2 install fail on new x240 m5 – failed to resolve circular relocation

The other day I ran into a strange issue. Just received a bunch of Flex Blade x240 for a Vmware cluster and trying to get ESXi installed I was stopped by the following message: Failed to Resolve circular relocation.

vmware esxi failure - failed to resolve circular relocation

failed to resolve circular relocation

It happened on one server so I tried the next one and the next, same thing!

I opened a case with Vmware which resulted in the following KB:2050443

It seems like ESXi doesn’t support MMIO regions above 4GB.

It took me for ever to find the relevant IBM/Lenovo information. Eventually found it at not thanks to Lenovo support!

So I made the following changes in my BIOS, from 64-Bit resource allocation: Enabled to Disabled. And MM Config Base from 2GB to 3GB.

You will find the above settings under the BIOS>System Settings> Devices and IO ports

vmware esxi failure - lenovo good config

I hope this helps.

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