ESXi5.5u2 install fail on new x240 m5 – failed to resolve circular relocation

The other day I ran into a strange issue. Just received a bunch of Flex Blade x240 for a Vmware cluster and trying to get ESXi installed I was stopped by the following message: Failed to Resolve circular relocation.

vmware esxi failure - failed to resolve circular relocation
failed to resolve circular relocation

It happened on one server so I tried the next one and the next, same thing!

I opened a case with Vmware which resulted in the following KB:2050443

It seems like ESXi doesn’t support MMIO regions above 4GB.

It took me for ever to find the relevant IBM/Lenovo information. Eventually found it at not thanks to Lenovo support!

So I made the following changes in my BIOS, from 64-Bit resource allocation: Enabled to Disabled. And MM Config Base from 2GB to 3GB.

You will find the above settings under the BIOS>System Settings> Devices and IO ports

vmware esxi failure - lenovo good config

I hope this helps.


22 thoughts on “ESXi5.5u2 install fail on new x240 m5 – failed to resolve circular relocation

  1. Awesome. Sorted the issue on my two new x3650 M5’s
    Lenovo support were driving me nuts before I found this.

  2. Thx! I just want to ask if after installation i need to change this options to default state??

    Thanks ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. This was an odd issue, but this corrected my problem. I tried going to the VMWare link for the KB and got “You are not authorized to access this article. It may have been moved or the reference is out-of-date.”. Even if I am logged into my VMWare account I get that message. They must have removed the article which is weird.

  4. Please note that this issue also occurs with 5.5U3 as well as customized images by Lenovo.

    1. It is more a default setting incompatibility rather than something to do with esx. This said, I would imagine old newer OS to take advantage of this as well…

  5. Thanky a lot. Had this issue with 5.5U3 (custom Lenovo Image).

    But there is one “problem”: If you have ESXi 5.1 without this settings, and now you are upgrading, you have a vMotion compatibility problem for your fall-back szenario

    HostA: esxi 5.1 (settings enabled)
    HostB: esxi 5.5U3 (settings disabled)

    During the upgrade be aware:
    – vMotion From Host A to B is possible
    – vMotion From Host B to A is not possible, after VM reboots

    If you upgrade and don’t have to go back to the old Host, it works ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I’ll have to check your findings in details but I have the feeling that vMotion would rely more on CPU instructions than MMIO. If I were you, I would definitely open a case with VMware to make sure, not being able to vMotion would mean the HCL to be broken.

      1. I found the problem. Somone activated the EVC-mode on the cluster. The host for the update was taken out of the cluster.

        Sorry for the wrong information. HLC is not broken, it was just another EVC-mode configured

  6. Thanks a lot for this, I confirm LENOVO and VMware ISO’s of 5.5U3b fail with “Failed to Resolve circular relocation” and your solution works for me.

  7. This solution resolved the โ€œFailed to Resolve circular relocationโ€ error, however, my NICs would not get a connection after this or it was flaky on whether it worked or not. Set BIOS settings back and no error and NICs worked. However, now I intermittently get the original error when rebooting. Maybe it is the converged network adapter model we have installed. :/

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