How to extend a volume on an IBM DS3400

I inherited an old array that seems easy to manage using Storage Mangement Suite called IBM DS Storage Manager.

I had to extend one of the volumes hosted on that box. So I started up the management GUI, found the box, the correct array, and volume (“Logical drive”), and expected to just right click and add capacity.

I could add disks hence capacity to the array using the GUI but could not find anything about extending the volume.

I had to use my favorite search engine – duckduckgo– and found out that this operation can only be performed from the Shell. Which is actually a special shell utility.

PS C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM_DS\client> .\SMcli.exe -p $#$#@$password
Please type desired command.

show logicaldrive[“COMPANY-FS2-F”]


Logical Drive name: COMPANY-FS2-F

Logical Drive status: Optimal

Capacity: 557.793 GB
Logical Drive ID: 60:0a:0b:80:00:75:26:3d:00:00:01:c7:4d:9e:d3:d0
Subsystem ID (SSID): 0
Associated array: RAID5_ARRAY1
RAID level: 5

Drive type: Serial Attached SCSI (SAS)
Enclosure loss protection: No

Preferred owner: Controller in slot A
Current owner: Controller in slot A
Segment size: 128 KB
Capacity reserved for future segment size changes: Yes
Maximum future segment size: 2,048 KB
Modification priority: High
Read cache: Enabled
Write cache: Enabled
Write cache without batteries: Disabled
Write cache with mirroring: Enabled
Flush write cache after (in seconds): 10.00
Dynamic cache read prefetch: Enabled

Enable background media scan: Enabled
Media scan with redundancy check: Disabled

Pre-Read redundancy check: Disabled

After checking the details about the volume, I was able to extend the volume using:

set logicalDrive [COMPANY-TOR-FS2-F”] addCapacity=500 GB;

show logicalDrive [“COMPANY-TOR-FS2-F”] actionProgress;
Logical Drive COMPANY-TOR-FS2-F
Action: Initialization
Percent Complete: 53%

when growing the volume it does tell you much. Be sure to use the other command to verify the status.

And if you are looking for more information, I found the CLI manual here and not on the IBM website.


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Troubleshoot KMS

This is the recipe for a KMS activation. This should serve a minimum of 25 machines up to plenty.

You will need:

1 KMS server (aka kms)
1 network
1 or more server to be activated
1 Volume Product Key for your server to be activated
1 working DNS

First of all KMS uses DNS to find where the KMS server is. do a nslookup to find out if this is configure it. Please note the address and port

nslookup -type=SRV _vlmcs._tcp.domain.local
Server:  asterix.domain.local
_vlmcs._tcp.domain.local   SRV service location:
priority       = 0
weight         = 0
port           = 1688
svr hostname   = p1-kms1.domain.local
p1-kms1.domain.local       internet address =

Verify connectivity from the server to be activated to the KMS server using [address] and [port]

Do a

cscript.exe slmgr.vbs -dlv

to verify what you have. Expect the VOLUME_KMS_*_* channel.

Do a

cscript.exe slmgr.vbs -ato

to activate

and if you are looking for your keys, and not the key for the KMS server which you get from your MSFT licensing portal, go to technet:

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Comparing the free load balancers – VPX express, LoadMaster

I am looking for free load balancing solutions for lab or perhaps tiny production systems. can you help me filling out the blanks and perhaps recommending others?


Features Citrix VPX express Kemp Free loadmaster Some open source
Virtual appliance Yes Yes  
Balancer Throughout (L7) Up to 5Mbps Up to 20Mpbs  
TLS (SSL) TPS License (2K Keys) Up to Up to 50  
Layer 4 concurrent connections   Up to max’d memory  
Max Servers / Virtual Clusters   1000/256  
GSLB Multi-Site Load Balancing   Yes  
Support   Community  
Layer 4/7 Load Balancing   Yes  
Web Application Firewall Pack (AFP)   Yes  
Content Switching Yes Yes  
Caching, Compression Engine   Yes  
IPS (SNORT-Rules compatible)   Yes  
L7 Cookie Persistence (Active/Passive)   Yes  
Templates major application workloads   SPS2013, SfB, EXC2013, ADFS v3  
Active/Hot-standby Redundant Operation   No  
IPSec Tunnels Yes – up to 5 users Yes  
Licensing Mechanism 1 year – manual renew Online –  auto renewal every 30 days  
URL rewrite Yes Yes  
Footprint 200Mb 70Mb  

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