SCCM2012 (R2) new application creation fails

I had recently migrated my DBs from one volume to another volume due to space concerns, all was successful and life was good 🙂

However the other day, I wanted to create a new application and got the following “unknown” error.

The SMS Provider reported an error connecting to the ConfigMgr site database server. Verify that the SQL Server is online and that ConfigMgr site server computer account is an administrator on the ConfigMgr site database server.

SmsAdminUI.log would something unknown as well.

Description = “CSspConfigurationItem: SQL_ERROR”;
File = “e:\\qfe\\nts\\sms\\siteserver\\sdk_provider\\smsprov\\sspconfigurationitem.cpp”;
SQLMessage = “*** Unknown SQL Error!”;

Scratched my head a few times and started DDGing as the error was pretty self explanatory and found the following KB/Blog entry.

Basically, after such a DB files location move the SQL TRUSTWORTHY setting gets reset and the dbowner may change.

I hope on the MSSQL and executed the following queries to save the day – well only the creation of new packages.

EXEC sp_changedbowner ‘sa’;

Then tried to create a new application and voilà…


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Get Remote Server Administration Tools on windows 7 or 8

When I get a new PC I always forget how to get the RSAT on my machine so here a little reminder.

Really it is 2 steps: 1. Install the package, 2. Enable the features

Install the package

The link should get you to the download link for your version of windows and corresponding servers. Go and get the appropriate package.

Then install the package, I usualy go with

windows6.1-KB958830-X64.msu /quiet

Enable the features

And the thing that always gets me, is that all of those feature are not enabled after the installation of the package, you should then enable those when installed. To do so use the mighty commandline or windows feature GUI from the control panel if you wish.

dism /online /get-feature

This command will list all of the features you have and look for anything RemoteServerAdministrationTools

Then user the enable-feature to enable the feature!

dism /online /install-feature /featurename:RemoteServerAdministrationTools /featurename:RemoteServerAdministrationTools-<FeatureName>

I wish there was a get-windowsfeature for workstation as well…

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